About Us

Telus customer service is a company that has been serving various services in the field of tech repairment. The company resolves the tech issues caused by Telus products and services. With a huge team, and various departments, we stand on the top in the list of top customer service agencies. Hence, we always try and deliver the best. With the departmentalisation method of work, we are able to bring out the best from all the techies. The users of Telus are also benefited by this method as they reach to what they want and get what they need. 

Contacting Telus customer service is as easy as reaching your phone. You really have to do nothing rather dial Telus customer service at toll-free Telus phone number. This is a company that has been work for a long time and has maintained its supremacy in the industry from the very beginning itself.

The techies we hire are very knowledgable and professional at work. They just focus on the work they do and bring out the best, in which their impressive experience adds to add more stars in the quality of service. So, think of Telus services, think of Telus customer service.